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autobiographical novel vs. memoir |

Me 1: So now that Greg Mortenson has added his international brand of disgrace to the memoir genre, are you afraid people will think your book is full of lies? Me 2: Weirdly enough, I almost never watch broadcast television but for some reason I happened to watch 60 Minutes that particular night. I never claimed to be kidnapped by the Taliban. Me 2: No. When you are writing fiction, every scene you write contributes to the arc of the story.

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When you are writing memoir, then you have to choose: this day or that day? Me 1: Your memoir was supposed to be about taking care of your mother in her old age. How did it wind up being about so much more? Me 2: One of the things that interests me most as a writer is exploring the connections among things — experiences, events, people. So I wondered how was my relationship with my mother similar to the relationship I had with my husband and with my daughter?

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How did what happened in my childhood affect what happened when I became the parent to my mother? How did the political decisions and changes that were going on in the country relate to my personal life? Me 2: Besides getting the word out about this book? I want to do more hiking, more outdoor stuff. We all are constantly negotiating the competing demands for our time.

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Me 1: Do you feel self-conscious about doing this interview with yourself? I am constantly in rebellion against that voice. Me 1: When did the rebellion begin? Me 2: Shut up. Me 1: Maybe you should. Me 2: I dreamed last night that I was going to start twittering. You are so sweet.

This morning, you asked me to be your best friend. I would love to be your best friend I love you. June 16, We are going to the mortgage broker tomorrow morning. I have never made such a huge purchase before. No turning back now. A new adventure begins for us at the end of the week. What really matters to me is that you are with me. My home is wherever you are, so I am sure this house will be great!


Wait Until Tomorrow: A Daughter's Memoir Book Download Free

I will talk more with you when you come home. June 19, Tom and I met with our wedding officiant this evening. We are very excited now; only 2 weeks to go. We just want you to be part of the ceremony.

I hope you guys are as excited as we are. Kindergarten teacher. I am excited for you and a little sad.

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You are growing up so quickly. I think you will enjoy school Jan 4, Happy New Year! Well, has arrived which means your new brother or sister will be arriving soon too. Our house has been pretty busy with the new baby. Siobhan is almost one now, which means you are almost 6! You have grown up so quickly. Soon you will be in grade one. You are a beautiful, smart girl and I am proud of you. If he wasn't sure he didn't do it, how could I be sure?

My father shook his head, loosening cobwebs. If this doesn't stop, I'm going to take her to court. I couldn't sleep at night. I thought, 'Am I lying here next to a child molester? Mad Dad reappeared. I'll regret it for the rest of my life," I answered slowly, carefully, tiptoeing across the tightrope of my complicated truth.

That's what I did. But I wasn't the kind of father your brother is. The kind of father I wish I'd been. I gulped around the lump in my throat. You ran.

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The first time we put you in your crib, you'd climbed out of it by the time we turned around. My dad peered at me, and I knew what he was seeing. I saw through my kids that way, too: back through time, unchanged in memory. My dad nodded, pleased to be understood, and I realized that I'd been doing this all my life: interpreting my father— ascribing meaning to what he'd said and hadn't said, what he'd done and hadn't done.

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Until this moment, it had never occurred to me that the words and deeds he chose were up to him, but the meanings I chose to extract from his words and his deeds—they were up to me. This is what I've wanted all my life, I thought. My father really talking to me. Really listening to me. Really seeing me. My father's brow furrowed with concentration. Then he said, with great intensity, "Gloria. What are we having for lunch? Copyright by Meredith Maran. This book is available at all bookstores, online booksellers, and from the Wiley Web site at www. Back Psychology Today. Back Find Counselling.