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The Kāpālikas and Kālāmukhas, two lost Śaivite sects - PDF Free Download

Additionally they have been emulated by later practitioners, most notably in Tibet, including a number of famous saints who followed directly in their footsteps. One of the most valuable contributions to the study of Buddhist siddha traditions is Linrothe , which contains an anthology of essays dealing with the history of Buddhist siddha traditions and follows the portrayals of siddhas in South Asian and Himalayan art. Davidson , a groundbreaking study of the development of tantric Buddhism in South Asia, sheds considerable light on the siddha movement and the very significant role it played in the development of tantric Buddhist traditions.

Samuel also explores the development of the yogic and tantric traditions with which the siddhas were strongly associated. Katz explores the development of Buddhist ideals of spiritual perfection. Powers focuses on the construction of masculinity in Indian Buddhism, which plays a major role in the traditional portrayals of the siddhas.

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Lorenzen focuses on two early medieval Saiva traditions that apparently were important influences on the development of the siddha traditions. Dasgupta explores the legacy of the siddha traditions in medieval India. Dasgupta, Shashi Bhushan. This was, at its time, a groundbreaking work on medieval Indian religions. It contains abundant information on the later developments of the siddha-related traditions in South Asia. It was originally published by the University of Calcutta in Davidson, Ronald M.

New York: Columbia University Press, Davidson dedicates a significant portion of this work to the siddhas and the traditions attributed to them. He explores in depth the relationship between Buddhist and Hindu traditions, and he also makes a major contribution in deromanticizing the siddhas and thoroughly contextualizing them within the contentious world of early medieval South Asia.

Katz, Nathan. Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, This work explores Buddhist ideals of spiritual perfection and demonstrates the continuity of the siddha ideal with earlier Buddhist ideals. Linrothe, Rob, ed. This is the story of a pilgrimage. In Search of a Yogi: Himalayan Pilgrimage. Date: It is a fascinating and most readable travel book, as well as a profound exploration of two spiritual worlds. Free shipping. Only 1 left! Kumuda Reddy et al. This is firm.

You will find us lower than most at comparable condition! Internally lovely clean, bright, boards sharp Fine in complete crisp glossy, like, jacket. This copy has seen only minor use. The jacket is clean and snug with fairly mild rubbing and other minor signs of handling. The book itself has a little staining at the bottom edge, not affecting the interior, otherwise in excellent shape. By Swami Chetanananda. Mildly bumped to upper edge of rear cover else nearly fine in bright orange cloth with gilt embossed titles to the front cover and to the spine; no dust jacket, as issued.

The chances of getting these errors are negligible as we have a separate team to look on the quality check of the product against the order. His Divine Grace A. It also has a separate, full-page gift dedication handwritten on a blank page. Philip H. Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism have been chosen because of their universality and their present strength throughout the world, though the author recognizes that other great religions have much to contribute also.


This book explores subtle-body practices from a variety of perspectives, and includes both studies of these practices in Asian and Western contexts. Mumbai: Marg Publications. Revised edition, Ladakhi Studies, Lopez, Donald S.

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San Francisco: Harper San Francisco. Lorenzen, David. New Delhi: Thomson Press. Princeton: Princeton University. Lowry, John. Victoria and Albert Museum: Tibetan Art. Luczanits, Christian. Chicago: Serindia Publications.


Veit, pp. Frankfurt a.

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  6. The Kāpālikas And Kālāmukhas; Two Lost Śaivite Sects.
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