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Intensification represents the intermediate-term memory of the Tabu Search. Here we intensify the research in promising regions of the search space. Intensification represents the long-term memory of the Tabu Search.

Here we force the search in previous unexplored regions of the search space. Or best feasible solution is in Tabu List and satisfy the Aspiration criteria. Support my challenge, support my blog.

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But iam glad. Thank you so much for your time. In fact, exact optimization methods have not been found for this type of problem, and, in the past, classical optimization methods, like linear and nonlinear programming, were tried at the cost of drastic simplifications. Tabu search is a valuable heuristic technique for solving problems cast in combinatorial form. This is based on the human memory process and uses an iterative neighborhood search procedure in an attempt to avoid becoming trapped in local optima.

The use of such a heuristic procedure to solve the aforementioned problem needs particular tailoring to produce high quality solutions. In this paper we present the essential features of the algorithm and the results obtained when it is applied to some of the classical water distribution network case studies appearing in the literature. Kalaitzakis, E. Type and etiology of liver cirrhosis are not related to the presence of hepatic encephalopathy or health-related quality of life: a cross-sectional study. Advances in research on treatment of mild hepatic encephalopathy with traditional Chinese and western medicine.

Clinical journal of Chinese medicine , — Sesen, M. Bayesian networks for clinical decision support in lung cancer care. Lee, S. Bayesian networks for knowledge discovery in large datasets: basics for nurse researchers.

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Logistic regression and Bayesian networks to study outcomes using large data sets. Nursing Research 54 , Garcia-Herrero, S. Using Bayesian networks to analyze occupational stress caused by work demands: preventing stress through social support. Sperotto, A. Reviewing Bayesian Networks potentials for climate change impacts assessment and management: A multi-risk perspective. Wang, K. Modeling and predicting the occurrence of brain metastasis from lung cancer by Bayesian network: a case study of Taiwan. Kumari, M. Prediction of Diabetes Using Bayesian Network.

Tabu Search

Deeter, A. Inferring gene and protein interactions using PubMed citations and consensus Bayesian networks. Zhang, X. Network or regression-based methods for disease discrimination: a comparison study. Yazbek, M. Association analysis of anti-Epstein-Barr nuclear antigen-1 antibodies, anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide antibodies, the shared epitope and smoking status in Brazilian patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Pan, J. Prevalence of hyperlipidemia in Shanxi Province, China and application of Bayesian networks to analyse its related factors.

Chen, R.

Tabu search - Wikipedia

Alonso-Montesinos, J. The application of Bayesian network classifiers to cloud classification in satellite images. Alireza, S. A probabilistic bayesian classifier approach for breast cancer diagnosis and prognosis. Agrahari, R. Applications of Bayesian network models in predicting types of hematological malignancies. Liao, Y. A new method for assessing the risk of infectious disease outbreak.

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Sci Rep 7 , Myte, R. Untangling the role of one-carbon metabolism in colorectal cancer risk: a comprehensive Bayesian network analysis. Scientific Reports 7 , Xu, S. Psycho-Oncology 27 Kumar, B. Inverse modeling approach for evaluation of kinetic parameters of a biofilm reactor using tabu search. Ferenci, P. Hepatic encephalopathy—definition, nomenclature, diagnosis, and quantification: final report of the working party at the 11th World Congresses of Gastroenterology, Vienna, Hu, M.

Medicine 95 , e Rao, H. The higher prevalence of truncal obesity and diabetes in American than Chinese patients with chronic hepatitis C might contribute to more rapid progression to advanced liver disease.

Tabu Search: Its Modified Forms and Management Agent

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