Manual Gothic Romanticism: Architecture, Politics, and Literary Form

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  1. Gothic Romanticism : Architecture, Politics, and Literary Form
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Turner and John Constable.

Gothic Romanticism : Architecture, Politics, and Literary Form

These artists emphasized transient and dramatic effects of light, atmosphere, and colour to portray a dynamic natural world capable of evoking awe and grandeur. Ingres represent the last, more academic phase of Romantic painting in France. In Germany Romantic painting took on symbolic and allegorical overtones, as in the works of P. Caspar David Friedrich , the greatest German Romantic artist, painted eerily silent and stark landscapes that can induce in the beholder a sense of mystery and religious awe. Article Media.

The Gothic

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Romanticism: Definition & Key Themes

Alternative Titles: Romantic Style, Romantic movement. Start Your Free Trial Today. Load Next Page. More About. The Met - Romanticism Poets. Romanticism is probably the larger category in terms of number of authors and texts, and it's certainly priviledged by critics as the genre with greater aesthetic value.

Gothic is often seen as the more popular genre; it's also identified more typically with women, while Romanticism is identified with men. Both of these factors lead to the further marginalizing of the Gothic compared to the Romantic. Romanticism was a transatlantic movement, including not just literature, but also painting and music.

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In my Romanticism-focused lecture, I like to use "the 5 I's" as a way to talk about the values in Romanticism. Romantics privledged the following categories:. We can see this in paintings, and in the kinds of characters and real people who were popular and idolized at the time. Here's a quick version: "Romantic poets cultivated individualism, reverence for the natural world, idealism, physical and emotional passion, and an interest in the mystic and supernatural.

Romantics set themselves in opposition to the order and rationality of classical and neoclassical artistic precepts to embrace freedom and revolution in their art and politics. Individualism is actually not great for all individuals all the time.

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The natural world, while gorgeous and bountiful, can also be threatening and hostile. Idealism and passion can bring about amazing accomplishments; they can also damage and ruin people. Many point to Germany as an early source of Romanticism in both literature and painting.

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  • For instance, this painting:. In both England and America, painters were diving into Romanticism. Thomas Cole is probably the most famous of the American Romantic painters:. In fact, it appears he didn't title the painting at all.

    Cole painted several "ruined tower" canvases, but never named any of them "romantic. Cole was a part of the Hudson River School, a group of Romantic painters who took the Hudson and New York state more generally as their subject matter. A key figure within this group was John Quidor, who was also a close personal friend of Washington Irving, who wrote in his stories about the very same geographic area. Quidor in turn, made paintings featuring scenes from Irving's stories:. Landscape painting as you can see above was often particularly suffused with Romantic notions, and one element of the Romantic that is key here is THE SUBLIME: a aesthetic sense of greatness and vastness that creates in the viewer a feeling of fear or terror.

    In the U. Even more local sites in the U. While the sublime can be something transcendent -- something that transports you, it can also be something that induces terror, a prime element of the Gothic. The term is a contested one, long-predating the Gothic, but the concept was very much in discussion at the time the Gothic was developing.